Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Does The Interweb Need Another Blog?

No, probably not. And it especially doesn't need another blog from a mid-pack runner from Colorado. So, what is it about running ultramarathons that compels one to create a blog? Certainly there is a strong social component to this life consuming hobby. Surprisingly so. Staring at an empty 8-month training schedule can be more than a little exhausting-- especially on a frigid January afternoon when the high barely reaches into double digits. Really? Do I really want to do this again? But as I contemplate the miles to come, I find that one of my main motivations is the camaraderie I'll experience out there on the trails with my fellow runners. Another year, another hundred mile race. Another summer in the mountains around my hometown. More worn out shoes. More salt-encrusted shirts. More Hammer Nutrition boxes arriving in the mail. More exhaustion. More nausea. More stories to share. What started out as a one-off goal to simply check off a list-- a substitute for a thru-hike-- has somehow become a lifestyle. Here goes LT100 #3!

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