Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stick a fork in me...

...I'm done!

Yesterday was my last big training run. Left the N. Elbert TH at 4am and ran a 26 mile (10,000 ft vertical) figure-8 loop over Elbert and Massive. An awesome, awesome run. Had Elbert all to myself. Jogged everything to treeline. Set a PR to the top. The sunrise at the summit was beautiful. Definitely worth the trip. Finished the loop just as the thunder started. Soaked my legs in Halfmoon Creek and basked in the glow of another season of training: complete. Next week: 70% mileage, one easy 3 hour run. The following week: 50% mileage, one 2 hour run. The week of the 100: a few short jogs.

Let the taper begin! Woo hoo!

Twin Lakes from the shoulder of Mt. Elbert. I made it to the summit just as the sun slipped above the horizon.


  1. Good job Andy! See you up there in a couple of weeks! :)

  2. Awesome, the hay's in the barn (I actually hate that saying ;)). It is exciting though.

    I was up on Elbert last Wed, got nailed by a massive storm the last two miles down...good thing I got up early that day. Night time looks so peaceful up there! Going to try Sherman and Gemini this Wed, hope these monsoons dry up, at least for one day.