Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fourth time's a charm...

Patience is a virtue, right?
Along with apparently everyone else in the Colorado ultrarunning blogosphere, I registered for Hardrock yesterday. I should have 8 lottery tickets this year. But with only 35 open slots for first timers, I'd guess my chances will be somewhere around the 15% mark.

My fingers are crossed.


  1. Eight tickets? Wow... I only have four. Good luck man!

    1. Yeah, luckily I applied for the '11 race right after I finished my first Leadville in '10.

      Good luck yourself! I think most (all?) of the people with 64 or 32 tickets got picked last year. This year I bet there will be a few 32 ticket holders, some 16'ers, and a fair number of 8's. Of course, it'll be the hordes of 1's and 2's that really add up! :)

      I try to stay positive and think to myself that the longer I wait to get into Hardrock, the better my chances of actually finishing it when I finally get accepted. Each extra year of training helps...