Friday, January 31, 2014

Month in Review (January)

1/2010: 58.7 miles
1/2011: 97.6 miles
1/2012: 123.2 miles
1/2013: 128.4 miles
1/2014: 166.0 miles

A pretty solid month of training for me for this time of year. After a less than consistent December, I set a January PR for total mileage, vertical, and time. I managed to get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. And, I logged two long runs during the month, which was my incredibly ambitious goal and puts me... um, let's see... exactly two longs runs ahead of where I was in my training at this time last year. Nice.

I branched out a bit this January and did far more snowshoeing than I have in the past. While much slower than running the roads around town, I feel it's still a very solid workout. Most importantly, it kept things interesting and helped me maintain my motivation. Preparing for the Bighorn 100 in June means I'll be doing a lot more training in the winter months, so variety is key. I just managed to acquire a pair of skate ski boots-- the final piece of the puzzle-- which means I've got yet another hobby to explore on the trails around town. Between telemark skiing, nordic skiing, skate skiing, snowshoeing, the bike trainer, and (yes) running, I think I've got all my bases covered!

Speaking of snowshoeing, the first inaugural Leadville Snowhoe Marathon is tomorrow! We just got the biggest dump of snow I've seen since moving to Colorado seven years ago. So much, that the roof of the old, historic pharmacy in town collapsed overnight! And it's not over. Apparently we could get another 6-12" before tomorrow morning!

So, come on up and embrace the brutality of a 26.2 mile romp around Turquoise Lake in 30+" of fresh powder! Yeehaw!

Trying to escape the snow in Buena Vista earlier in the month.

Ethan's new hydration solution. All 18 month olds need one.

Scraping 3ft of snow off our roof this morning. I'm up to my waist in snow.

A view of the house from the shack (my office).


  1. It was nice to meet you at the Leadville Snowshoe Marathon/Half Marathon. That was a challenge for me!

    1. Nice meeting you too, Cindy. You were looking strong when we passed each other. Sounds like we'll be seeing each other at some races this spring... only six weeks until the Salida marathon!

  2. Your kiddos looking out the window is priceless. I heard you guys have a great deal of snow up there to play around in. We have more than I want here in Denver (which is anything over a half inch :)) which is making the trails more of a bob sled run. Was thinking of doing Salida Marathon...if I can get on the trails. Hope to see you there if I do (and if not, then QR50).

    Nice progression for January!!