Thursday, December 19, 2013

86,182.48 calories of awesome!

This beast just arrived in the mail today. Way more fuel than I need for 2014, but what's that saying? Quantity has a quality all its own? Well, hello quantity!

50 lbs of maltodextrin goodness

50 lb x 453.59 g/lb x 3.8 cal/g = 86,182.48 calories.
86,182.48 cal / $61.48 = 1,401.80 calories per dollar.
86,182.48 cal / 300 cal/hr =  287.28 hours of running.
$61.48 / 287.28 hr = $0.21 per hour of running.


  1. Do you have any recipes or plans on how you are going to mix it or use it?

  2. You should do all your training runs with that bag strapped to your back till all that awesomeness is gone!

    1. Ha! Yeah, instead of dragging a tire around I could lug around the bag! Badass!

  3. My basic 1 hr (i.e., 1 bottle) recipe is to use 2 scoops of maltodextrin (200 calories), 1 scoop of gatorade mix (80 calories), and then misc. other stuff-- in the past I've thrown in 1/4 scoop (~30 cal) of soy protein, 1 tsp of bcaas, and 1 endurolyte cap. That served me pretty darn well last summer.

    I think next year I'll remove the protein (I'm not convinced it's necessary and it can make the drink a little gritty) and maybe experiment with replacing some of the maltodextrin with vitargo just to see if i can see any difference.

    The most important thing to get right is the amount of water, I think. If it's hot out the ~18 oz of water I add to fill up the bottle (to 20 oz total) might not be enough for 1 hr. Basically, I pretty much always need ~300 calories/hour but I may need anywhere from 18-28 oz of water. So, I need to grab extra cups of water at aid stations to make up the difference.